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Welcome to Direct Sales Reps Events.

We provide advertising for direct sales reps, independent consultants, party planners and home business owners. Our services are for building your brand, your online social presence and getting your name out there. Networking online results in sales and team members. Getting your business listed on the internet creates a stronger online presence. The more times the search engines find your business listed the higher it ranks. Search engines are using location for search results now. What this means is if someone searches for Avon and lives in Alabama, ads with a location in Alabama will rank higher. Using keywords will help your business rank higher. We use keywords in our domain name to rank higher as well. Our keywords are direct sales, sales rep, vendor, and events. So if you were listed on and someone searched for Avon Rep your ad would be ranked higher for the keyword Rep.

There is a limit of 1 Rep per Company per State Event. Events run for the entire year. The search engines like old links, so the longer your link is active the better. Cost is $5 per month payable thru the end of the year. i.e Jan-Dec is $60, Aug-Dec is $25.

If you have verified your state and business are available you can use this form to reserve your spot. Verify by emailing

Information will be sent when your ad is posted. You can add your specials and new items in the comments section of your ad on the Facebook page. This keeps your ad at the top and increases the groups engagement making it rank higher on Facebook. Please share your ad and like other peoples ads to keep the group active. You can share the link to your ad on the website on your Facebook groups, Twitter and Google+. You can use it to advertise anywhere you would share your website link. The more times Google finds your business link the higher it ranks you in search results.

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Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds due to the time and money spent on the posting of ads and upkeep of the site. Your fees go toward the time spent setting up the events, adding your information and photo, upkeep to the site and advertising done all across the internet.