A Makers Studio, Arkansas

A Makers Studio gives you everything you need to craft a beautiful life for yourself & others while enabling creatives a way to grow a successful business.

I, Renee Holder of 2ChattyChicks always strives to bring the newest, hottest, and best products into her DIY and painting business.
A Makers Studio is one of those products that has allowed me to teach, inspire and awaken others creative spirits while working towards financial freedom.
A Makers carries reusable transfer stencils that can be used on an array of surfaces, ink transfers, mylar stencils, rub on transfers, stamps, inks, paste, and kits with video’s, AND MORE. With all of these amazing products it allows the creation of custom one-of-a-kind pieces, in just minutes.
Would you like to join the Makers’ Journey with me as an affiliate? It is one of the best affiliate programs there is! The Journey is simple…make it with joy…teach it with passion…mentor with love…and serve with grace.
We are committed, hardworking, inspirational and fun. Just think, you can turn your creative passion into a business, that is truly a dream come true. Let’s create a beautiful life together using the right tools, knowledge and experience I have gained from my business’s so we can all succeed.
The flexibility and opportunity for growth is unmatched.

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