Algae optimizes gut health, removing toxins from our bodies and replenishing with nutrients.

Gut health is extremely important, it's even considered to be our second brain and is also the root cause of several ailments if not in its healthiest state. Xellis has developed a patented strain of algae that help maintain optimal gut health. Widely available in Europe and now launching in Canada and the US. NATURAL supplements that are designed to help aid our body on a cellular level.
Algae is a superfood and it works like a sponge designed to REMOVE toxins, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals from our bodies while replenishing our bodies with ALL the nutrients, minerals, amino acids, protein and vitamins one body can need for the day.
Algae is one of the FIRST forms of life on this earth and is extremely bioavailable so our bodies can absorb the product instead of passing it through (like most vitamins over the counter).
Algae detoxes and cleanses our systems on a cellular level & helps produce energy on a natural cellular level as well!
It is available in liquid, powder, or pill. Adding algae to a daily regimen can boost health in so many positive ways!

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