April’s Amazing Ring Bomb Party

Ring Bomb Party was originally started in 2016 by two sisters in Alabama, Lillian and Isabella Coleman. Their dream exploded and now RBP has over 3,000 representatives nationwide. Just in the last 60 days, Ring Bomb Party has grown over 600%! That is amazing! RBP offers rings, earrings and necklaces with rhodium plating, rose gold plating, and sterling silver bands. Some of our jewelry even contains genuine gemstones and diamonds for $17.95! The uniqueness of Ring Bomb Party is what sets the bar so high. The Versailles Collection, which is French Royalty inspired is .925 sterling silver rings and necklaces for only $42.95, with a s.r.v. of $138-$1000 for rings and $1500 for necklaces. The quality you receive is luxury at an affordable cost.

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