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Are you a Health & Wellness Professional looking to get:
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If that sounds like you… read on!

doTERRA is being used clinically and ethically in over 200 Hospitals nationwide and by thousands of health professionals around the globe…
and Melford & Concetta Bibens have trained more of them than anyone in doTERRA history!

We'll teach you exactly HOW they did it and how YOU can do it too!

How do your goals and mission align with doTERRA?

Your goal as a health & wellness professional is SUCCESS…
for BOTH your clients AND your business!

With that ALWAYS in mind, we empower coaches to navigate and excel in the 'new economy' by empowering you with our "3 Secrets to Coaching Success" System:

Step 1: Create Recurring Revenue in Your Coaching Practice: You'll discover how to will stabilize your income while future-proofing your business unforeseen circumstances.. like the lockdown!
It also gives you the opportunity to build a lifestyle business with predictable monthly income.

Step 2: You'll Get Our 'Paint By Numbers' Software System: You now have a proven blueprint to follow takes all of the guessing out of the process. Virtually ensuring you can become successful by simply following the road map shared with you.
You've got the ability to ask questions and get valuable feedback from your new tribe (our "Sisterhood of Service") gives you an advantage over other health coaches floundering around trying to figure out what to do next with no real plan other than what they were taught in school, Which IS NOT working right now!

STEP 3: Your added bonus is that you're now backed by doTERRA, a domestically owned multi-billion natural medicine company, that is freely giving you all the tools, products and resources along with personal development coaching to virtually guarantee your success. You're able to represent the proven highest quality product in the niche is also an added benefit to being recognized as an authority in their community.

If GROWING your coaching business clinically, ethically and professionally in the "New Economy" resonates with you AND you're READY to make a change… Then It's YOUR TIME!

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