Brew Me! Coffee, Tea, & Comedy with Robin McKnight, Independent Barista with Java Momma, a U.S.A. family-owned business who is brewing the difference one sip at a time

From one coffee snob to another, you've got to try Java Momma's COFFEE and ESPRESSO! It is responsibly grown, roasted in small batches in the U.S.A., and it tastes amazing! ARTISAN LOOSE TEAS are also curated here! Divine gourmet COCOAS and hot or iced MOCHAS await you! Love mugs? Join the mug of the month club! Subscriptions for coffee, tea, and mugs are available and offer you a 10% discount. Upgrade your brewing experience at

Brew Me! Coffee, Tea & Comedy is my Facebook funny page.
Coffee has become a coping skill for me. I use it every day. Tea is pretty tasty too, with oh so many health benefits.
Speaking of health benefits, who doesn't need a LAUGH? We all know that laughter is the best medicine, and it is one that I am qualified to prescribe. Join me as I share some amazing Java Momma brews with plenty of laughs along the way. Post some funny memes yourself. With acceptance and no bullying tolerated, the page is a fun place to share the medicine of laughter and caffeine with each other.
If you need a laugh as much as I do these days, check out Brew Me: Coffee, Tea & Comedy! There is never any pressure to buy. This is just me wanting to share my warped sense of humor and my favorite beverages with you.

On my JAVA MOMMA site,, there are a variety of responsibly grown coffees: like Rainforest Crunch, Volcanic Moon, and Death by Chocolate. Varieties include: medium/medium-dark/dark, decaf, flavored, single-serve cups and Kosher. I personally love the espresso All Jacked Up! It is my after lunch treat.
There is also a tasty selection of gourmet loose leaf teas with trendy names like Peach Serenitea and Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy. You can get a silicone tea infuser for $4.99 or a tea pot infuser for $9.99! You can order when you need a refresh OR subscribe to get routine shipments.
If you love variety and sampling new brews, there is a monthly club for tea, a monthly club for coffee, and mug-of-the-month club. If you love surprises, you can even get Mystery Boxes of coffee or tea.
And don't forget about the Mochas (you can drink hot or iced) and Cocoas! Yum! A drink for everyone!

If you love it as much as I do, you can join me as a Barista and get a 20% discount on your orders, make a 20% commission on what you sell, and only have to make ONE sale per quarter to remain active! You can remain active (to get your discount) just by feeding your own habit. When you join me as a Barista (for as low as $20 with no expensive required materials to buy), you get sample bags of coffee to savor and enjoy. You can add 8 tea sample bags for $35 to up your tea game too! You have to check this out!
Jump on board and join me for laughs!

Java Momma began in September 2017 and has grown exponentially. It has a TON of potential. Online shopping and in home delivery of the freshest most quality ingredients is HERE. Join me now.

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