Changing lives one nutritional patch at a time, peel, stick, & go, wearable nutrition you can feel!

Innov8tive Nutrition is changing the way the world takes nutrition. Exclusive nanotechnology power patches have a much better absorption rate than any other nutritional supplements, absolutely NO Pills, Powders, or Shakes, simply Slap on the Patch and go. It is Nutrition you can feel that works quickly and efficiently giving your body the best vitamins and minerals the world has to offer. Innov8tive is seriously changing people’s, health, wellness, and financial future one Innov8tive Patch Application at a time. Improve you and your family’s quality of life and take control of your health and wellness today!

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  • Info:Innov8tive Nutrition’s exclusive nanotechnology patch application system is seriously wearable nutrition you can feel. It bypasses our guts and goes directly into the bloodstream so your body gets what it needs where it needs it most! Simply slap on the powerful 1” square patch anywhere above your heart and go about your life as it works with your body heat and metabolism to time release throughout your day or night!
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