Clean-crafted Wine

Scout & Cellar is here to disrupt the Wine Industry with our clean-crafted wine. Going beyond organic, clean-crafted wine is free of added sugar, preservatives, dyes, GMO ingredients, synthetic pesticides, and other chemicals that are difficult for your body to process. Only 3% of wines globally meet our clean-crafted standards. We partner with growers and small family vineyards that can meet our requirements – producing delicious wines that are healthier for you and the planet. At Scout & Cellar we care about sustainability – supporting over 2,000 acres of regenerative farming. A wine company that cares about your health and the planet’s health? Yes! Try our wine and you will taste and feel the difference.

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  • Info:Clean-crafted wine with NO added sugar or chemicals is better for you and the planet. I love sharing this wine and company with friends - cheers!
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