Mary Kay, New York

Clinically-proven skincare and cosmetics for all skin types!

And it all started with one woman – the one and only Mary Kay Ash. She believed so passionately in the power of skin care to transform a woman’s skin and her confidence, she threw every dollar of her savings into starting this company. And she set the bar very, very high. Today, Mary Kay still obsesses over innovating products that deliver the real results you expect and deserve. From the latest ingredients and the most innovative formulas to the unwavering Mary Kay commitment to quality and safety, your beautiful skin is truly this company’s passion.

  • Company:Mary Kay
  • Info:I am Stephanie Martinusek, Advanced Color Consultant with Mary Kay! I provide individualized, clinically-proven and research-based skincare knowledge and application! Never worry about what's in your products, or if they will work for you!
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