Come join us and be happy, healthy and possibly wealthy!

We believe everyone deserves to be happy.

We offer functional beverages that include nootropics that help with focus, mood, energy, weight, and other health issues. ***

We offer various happy coffees, hot chocolate, chai tea, lemon Zest, peach iced tea, happy and energy capsules that have too many health benefits to list, patches, and creams that elevate mood, boost energy, reduce stress, enhance sleep, increase muscles, minimize fat, tighten skin, and make you look, feel and perform like a younger person.

Instant impact. A cup of happy. A dose of healthy. Fuel for the good life.

We offer high quality, highly bioavailable liquid sunshine Defense Vitamins and an all-in-one shake that tastes delicious (like birthday cake but can be mixed with almost anything).

This shake has a carb blocker, is keto friendly, has an insulin regulator, has ancient vitamins and minerals, full servings of fruits and vegetables, fiber and pre/pro biotics to support gut health, and so much more. The shake was launched in March and sold out twice. Customers were on VIP lists for April and the shake sold out in 14 MINUTES! Production has been ramped up for May.

This delicious shake provides so much nutrition without grit or any bad aftertaste. It is 100 calories! It can be combined with water as a snack, or a milk as a meal replacement. There are so many amazing ingredients, that the list is too long to write here.

We love our customers.
We support them.
We want them to feel a positive shift in their lives.

In just three years we’ve become the category creator for Happy Coffee, the recognized leader in natural nootropics, and one of the fastest-growing companies in the social marketing and direct selling industries.

Why? Because our products work!

Every day. It starts with our products, but it doesn’t end there.
The Happy Co. is a lifestyle.
Join us.

There is also a wealth aspect to this. We would love to have you on our team as a brand partner. Most customers convert to brand partners because they get fantastic results, they tell their friends and family about it and automatically end up with a customer base without planning to have one.

The products sell themselves. We have two HUGE customer groups we would love to connect you with. In this group, there is almost guaranteed to be someone that has or has had an issue that you have questions about or are dealing with. You can do a search and several happy customer testimonials should appear on your screen.

There are so many happy customers and brand partners. The sample program is made easy and can be done from the computer, or even on the amazing phone app where you can send media, samples, videos and more.

For a ONE time payment of $49 you get your office, the app, a marketing kit including some samples, and the connection to a SUPPORT team. A team that is like family and that wants you to succeed. Leadership is hands on and is in touch with what is happening in the field. They host a weekly call to update the entire field team on upcoming events or anything that is important. Everyone is supported and included.

Come join us and get healthier, happier, and possibly wealthier.

*** NO medical claims are made. Individual results may vary.

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  • Info:Come join us and be happier, healthier and possibly wealthier. We offer functional beverages and other products that promote health, focus, weight management, energy, mood and more. There is something for everyone. Come give us a try!
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