Create a safe haven in your home with Norwex!

Our mission at Norwex is to help you ditch toxic chemicals, reduce the use of plastic and eliminate use use items. We offer top quality products that clean your home 99% bacteria free using only water. Our microfiber uses BacLoc technology which means they are infused with silver an antibacterial agent. When properly cared for our cloths self purify and can be used multiple times before needing to be laundered. We offer a two year guarantee on most items and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee! Norwex products clean mechanically instead of chemically. You will see the dirt actually lift on to our cloths and then be released when rinsed with friction and warm water. Switching to Norwex you and your family will no longer be breathing in toxic chemicals and coughing while you clean. What can I help you ditch and switch to today?

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  • Info:Join me in the Norwex Movement to ditch toxic chemicals and replace them with a highly effective sustainable solution!
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