Epicure Consultant

At Epicure our mission is to help families put good food, made with whole real ingredients on the table. We believe that everyone deserves to eat better and live healthy lives. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise in our communities due to meal choices. Our products are 100% Gluten free and Peanut-free. Epicure is sugar and sodium conscious. Many of our products are Kosher Check Certified and over 85% are Non-GMO Project Verified. Our products do not contain high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, or artificial colors. Our goal is to provide you with tasty, healthy meals from “raw to ready” in 20 minutes or less to your table. That is faster than you can get into the car and go through a drive-thru and so much healthier too. We offer spices, seasonings, mixes, dips, teas, desserts, meal collections, recipes & cookware. Epicure wants people to take back their health and change their relationship with food for the better.

As a company we are a community that inspires each other to rally around healthy eating. Epicure not only focusses on your physical health, but your financial health with the opportunity to become an Epicure consultant. Epicure has been in Canada since 1997 and came to the US in August of 2019. Epicure is a debt free company run by women. Join now and become a part of a fast growing company that will change the way we all think about food and healthy eating.

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