Executive Consultant

Hello everyone, My name is Jen Moore. I am an Independent Consultant for Pink Zebra. Pink Zebra is a Home decor company. Sprinkles are our main product. Sprinkles are soy wax melts that fragrance your home, office and car. We also have liquid fragrance called soaks. One of the best parts of sprinkles are they are Blendable. Create your own favorite scent. My favorite scents are farmhouse cider and cinnamon spice. A friend of mine introduce PZ to me almost 2 years ago. I had a party , fell in love with the scents an decided to join the PZ family. Pink zebra is also amazing by donating a day of daycare for every party that reaches $500. This is called Heroes program. For Christmas this year PZ donated $25,000 to Toy for Tots. How amazing is this. I look forward to sharing Pink Zebra with everyone. You will see how amazing this scents are and how PZ has changed lives.

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