Luminex, New York

Fabulous and exclusive fragrances, candles and home decor products from PartyLite

Would you like to fill your home with fabulous fragrance and exquisite accessories to match that fabulous scent? PartyLite has a variety of candlelight and flameless options to make your home the envy of friends and family! Our natural candles are clean burning for a worry-free experience and our flameless scent sticks and wax melts provide endless possibilities for any home. Give your home a bright, fresh scent with natural wax melts in an electric warmer or add a pop of fruit fragrance with a 3-wick jar candle to add a touch of light. Our exclusive products are made with high quality and care and are one of a kind. Would you also like to earn free stuff? PartyLite’s rewards program, and hosting and selling opportunities can be absolutely life changing! Share what you love! Join the party!

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