Full spectrum water soluble CBD/ hemp oil

Do you or anyone you know have some sort of ailment? Zilis is NOT a CBD oil company, CBD is a isolate we have a FUL SPECTRUM LIQUID with actual hemp oil from stalks, leaves, the whole plant, not a SEED! Over 400 compounds such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, flavonoids, etc. All of it is water soluble, so you can absorb the maximum and get high bioavailability! We are a Endocannabinoid company which means we help your ECS. This is the engine of homeostasis. I’m am a brand ambassador for the number 1 selling CBD-hemp liquid products. I am passionate about helping people manage their ailments. You will not find ANYTHING like this! We have the only technology that is water soluble (not nano) to ensure fast absorption and 94% bioavailability. Organically sourced, < 0.3 THC , pet friendly. This is not an OIL, this is a solution!

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