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You are in the right place!! Discovering Reliv has changed so may lives. Are you ready to take this step to better health? Let me help you 🙂
I am a proud momma to four and blessed grandma to four. We live in the Western part of Pennsylvania where I was born, raised and still reside today. I married my high school sweetheart 28 years ago. My background is Medical Assistant, Transcription, Construction Coordinator and Accounts Receivable. Most recently I am following my passion for wellness and helping others to improve their health. This new change has ultimately created purpose and meaning into my life as I also have a hand in feeding 40k malnutrition children around the world. I love what I do!!

Here's my story:

In 2010, our son at the age of 12, suddenly came down with debilitating joint issues with severe discomfort and swelling to both knees. He could hardly walk let alone play sports. This was devastating as parents to watch him go through this. A good friend introduced us to the Reliv products and I got him started right away as I felt I had nothing to lose. When I saw the difference these shakes made in his health I was hooked. I also started using the products mainly for prevention but noticed so many great benefits such as improved energy, sleeping better, resolved bowel issues and bloating, my skin is now clear and beautiful, I also am no longer experiencing monthly headaches and am able to keep my blood pressure controlled.

In 2018, I decided to give the Fit3 program a try for fitness and weight loss. I am extremely impressed with this program and community. My results became addiction as my endurance, strength and weight loss goals exceeded all my expectations. To my amazement I lost weight, became a strong runner and feel much more confident in my body at 45 than I did in my 30's. Reliv products fuel the body and give you the ability to keep going ultimately achieving your goals at any age 🙂

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