Health, Nutritional and Full Spectrum Hemp products

Q Sciences offers innovative, high quality full spectrum hemp, nutritional, and weight loss products. Healthy self care products for every lifestyle. Our products are backed by science. Products support Brain Health, Vascular Health, Energy, Sleep, Digestive Health, Relaxation, Weight Management, Men & Women's Health, Sublingual Sprays, and Cognitive Function.

During this pandemic it is imperative to have a proper health and nutrition regimen for you and your family!
• Our Sublingual Vitamin/Mineral Sprays are the FASTEST way for vitamins and minerals to enter your system without injections.
• Our Full Spectrum Hemp is 86% absorbable as compared to most hemp, which is only between 6-10% absorbable!
• We also offer a line of products for children's health and wellness.

To become a seller we offer the best opportunity, with extremely competitive compensation plan, financial freedom movement, with full and part-time opportunities.

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