Life's Abundance, WI

Healthy, safe products for your pets and you!

Looking for easy ways to make your whole family healthier and happier, including your dogs and cats? Having a huge love for animals since I was little and growing up in a health minded family, when I heard about Life’s Abundance I wanted to use these great products for myself and my fur babies. The prospect of feeding my own pets in a way that was in their best interests to produce happier, healthier, and longer lives was exactly what I wanted for my beloved pets. We offer superior quality food, treats, supplements, and care products for cats and dogs formulated by industry experts.

For the rest of the family, those who don’t have four feet, we have a fantastic supplement line and skin care line. The supplements, created with one of the nation’s leading nutritionists, provide an effective and easy way for busy people to boost their wellness. And the nutritional mixes all taste delicious, without sacrificing health. The skin care line is made with pure, plant-based organic ingredients that really work, leaving your skin and you happy. And the planet can be a little happier too, because for each skin care product purchased, one tree is planted.

All our products are safe. This company has never had a recall. Part of the proceeds from each and every product purchased helps shelter and rescue animals through the Dr. Jane Foundation. No matter how you look at it, you can feel good using these products for your pets, family, and you. Get premium wellness delivered right to your doorstep today!

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