Chalk Couture Covenant Creations of Arkansas

Hi, my name is Melissa I was looking for a hobby when I found a passion to create beautiful things such as home decor, decorate clothes, and have a side income and Chalk Couture provides me with all of that.

Hi, my name is Melissa Johnson. I am an Independent Designer for Chalk Couture. Chalk Couture is a high-end home décor company that uses transfers with chalkology paste and inks to make gorgeous home décor, t-shirts, cups, gifts, holiday décor, wreaths, and just about anything you can think of. I was looking for a hobby to relieve my stress, I was not looking for something that took a lot of time away from my family. What I found was a solution to several things in my life, I have a great hobby that I love and it turns out a business that is growing rapidly. What I want is to help you find a business you can make money at and also have a wonderful hobby to relieve stress or just because, you love hobbies. Make the best and biggest year for personal growth for and about you. If you love crafting please join and we can get you set up for (online at your time gives you tips on the product and sales), personal lives on Facebook and other social media to show you how to do projects this is optional and it is so fun being with other designers. We can take this journey together I will be right beside you if you need help. Please do wait to make yourself happy. 2020 IS GOING TO BE YOUR YEAR ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLAIM IT!

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