I can help you with your hair and skincare needs.

Monat is an all inclusive naturally based luxury product line that’s Clinically proven to heal the hair from the inside out and proven to help thinning and improves hair growth. We are 95% organic and 5% natural preservatives. Monat is the only Shampoo to hit the cortex of the hair strand and removes the build up of silicons, waxes and residue. Reviving hair to its natural and best state. It’s the only luxury haircare line that feeds all three layers of the hair shaft with the nutrients our scalp needs. Free of parabans, free of silicons, free of sulfates, free of chemicals. This makes hair bouncy, shiny, soft and healthy. There is a shampoo and conditioner designed for each hair type. Styling products that give your hair life and does not weigh it down.
Our skincare line deeply cleanses, hydrates and it’s vegan! We also offer a Men’s line, children’s line and one for your pets!

  • Company:Monat
  • Info:I can help you determine what products your hair and skin need to look and feel it’s best. Contact me so I can get you the best discounts and we can shop together! Want to try samples first? I’d love to send you some!
  • Website: http://julieclayton.mymonat.com/
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