If you are a crafter just looking for other ways to make your beautiful creations or someone who, like me, never though you could be crafty enough to make beautiful projects. This is the place to go for supplies that will make your crafting projects quick and easy.

It doesn't matter if you have never crafted before, if you are a beginner that has been crafting for a short time, or if you are a pro and have been crafting for years and years. Magnolia Design Co is a fast-growing company with an amazing product line of beautiful designs that make it so quick and easy to express yourself in your home and life. And there is a distinct business opportunity to earn income while creating beautiful DIY decor, with the option to be completely free of quotas. You can DIY with a discount; create a business through workshops, craft fairs; or grow a team. The possibilities are out there and they are endless with Magnolia Design Co! It’s all up to you! With the easiest membership in the industry, we have options to have completely free quotas and the best part is you are compensated for both your purchases and those of your customers!

  • Company:Magnolia Design Company
  • Info:My name is Audra, aka Twisted Chalker, Independent Creator with Magnolia Design Company. Come see how DIY Crafting can be made so easy for crafters of all skill levels.
  • Website: https://audraplude.magnoliadesignco.com
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