Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex

Very few of the world’s 85,000+ products have been tested on their impact on human health. Norwex offers proven and personal care solutions to keep harmful chemicals out of your home. Norwex creates quality products that save the earth and your budget by reducing plastic and single use disposables such as paper towels, wipes, dryer sheets, etc. Instead of relying on chemicals, Norwex harnesses the physical power of microfiber and water alone to thoroughly clean any surface. Our microfiber is a superior blend of extra dense, super fine fibers for superior absorption and effectiveness. To power up the microfiber, Norwex formulates natural cleansers with plant and enzyme-based ingredients. Enzymes are biodegradable and milder which break down soils and stains naturally and wash them away with less environmental impact. And Norwex is packaging more household products in OceanBound plastic, helping to reclaim plastic headed for the sea.

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  • Info:Norwex has been helping to transform homes into safe havens by creating safe cleaning and personal care products that reduce harmful chemicals.
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