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Happy New Year! 2021 is going to be an AMAZING year for Scentsy! Below are a few things happening:

1. Happy New Year! January is transition month for Scentsy to get ready for the Spring/Summer catalog that starts in Feb! ALL WAX BARS are 10% off today through Jan 31! Get your favorites while they last! Many scents and products are being discontinued as of Feb 1, so take a look at what you want and if you want to keep getting it consider joining Scentsy Club and get a subscription of your fav waxes!

2. Coming Monday!!!!!
The Catching Zzzs Wax Collection is $28 and includes:
🛌 Lights Out Scentsy Bar
Night falls gently over relaxing sandalwood, sweet vanilla and warm amber.
🛌 Pillow Time Scentsy Bar
Blue tansy is tucked in with silk blossom and calming passionflower.
🛌 Shut-eye Scentsy Bar
Fuzzy peach, jasmine and a touch of cedar harmonize on a fragrant lullaby.
🛌 Sleep Happy Scentsy Bar
Drift off to dreamland, where delicate violet and bergamot rest on musk clouds.
🛌 Snuggle Up Scentsy Bar
Settle down in cashmere woods, curled up with angel lavender and soothing sage.
Plus it comes with a Scentsy Sleep Mask. 😴

3. The new Spring/Summer Catalog is here!! Beginning Feb 1 all new products are launching!

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