Jewelry and Accessories

Over eight decades ago, our founder Don Mateo Litchi migrated from Greece to Mexico where he was able to use raw materials to make hand-crafted and internationally-inspired jewelry for women and men’s everyday wear.

Today, that small jewelry shop he set up has grown into an international design center that manufactures and ships high quality, artisan jewelry across three continents, and supplies more than 30 distribution centers throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Expanding upon his father’s legacy, Salvador Litchi, decides to create Nice & Bella in 1996 with the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs with big dreams and determination, to transform their lifestyle.

Great earning potential by selling beautiful Nice & Bella jewelry and other products in person and online. Earn 20%-40% retail profit. Plus, receive amazing cash bonuses as you go up in rank. Earn even more money by creating your own sales team and growing your business as big as you want!

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