L’BRI offers aloe vera based anti-aging skincare, hair care, body care and a full line of color cosmetics

Are you looking for healthier, hydrated, younger looking skin? Are you sick of paying hundreds on skincare that doesn't perform? Do you care about what ingredients you're putting ON your body as much as what you put IN your body? Is water the first ingredient in your skin care? Would you like to earn money from home teaching others about self-care? L'BRI offers ALOE VERA based skin care, a full line of color cosmetics and health and wellness products that are sure to delight your skin without emptying your wallet! With Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller "the immortality plant" as the 1st ingredient in all of our skincare (instead of water) you and your skin will immediately notice a difference in feel and appearance! Made in the USA ???????? our co-founders formulate each product on-site, under strict regulations to provide the safest, most effective and affordable products for the WHOLE family, that's right L'BRI is safe enough for the most delicate infants and effective enough for our smile‐stricken grannies! If you happen to not be 100% satisfied with your purchases we offer a 60-day money back guarantee (even though people wanting to return their L'BRI is a rarity!).You gave chemicals a try, now let's give L'BRI a try, we cannot wait to introduce you to your skin's new best friend, L'BRI PURE N' NATURAL!

  • Info:Aloe-Based Anti-Aging Skin Care, Body Care and a full line of Color Cosmetics and an incredible opportunity being shared by Executive Manager and Stay at Home Mom of 3 children 3 and under!
  • Website: https://lbri.com/SophieSimms
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