Lemon Drop Tupperware – This is not your mother’s Tupperware!

What I like about Tupperware is it brings people together to create a memory.

Tupperware still has the classics and have updated their color and functionality! The Servalier bowls (the ones with the ridged lids) are out in some new and fun colors. Tupperware has also created some innovative products that are amazing! I love their FridgeSmart containers which extend the life of your produce from 1 to 3+ weeks. The Modular Mates are keeping my cupboards organized and my food stays fresh. I am saving money not throwing away food that has gone bad.

Having a Tupperware party that is a great way to connect with people. I would love to show you how a virtual party works, see what is new with Tupperware and have some fun!

Whether you would like to place an order, get help with a warranty, host a party, join for a discount or join my team to sell, I would be love to be there for you. It is what I am here for.

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