Scentsy, North Dakota

Live Your Life in Fragrance.

Scentsy started out as a wax and warmer business. 15 full years later, we have expanded into some of the most exciting new ideas. Scentsy buddies and clips: stuffed animals filled with fragrance beads (clips) or a scent pack of your choice (buddy). Bath and body products from shower to fragrance mists, bath bombs and Scentsy soak. Something so everyone can enjoy a little pampering. Laundry and other cleaning products, made without being watered down so they last longer and pack more of a fragrance that lasts longer too! Diffusers, wall fans and the amazing Scentsy go (the portable option with rechargable battery) to bring your fragrance with you. A partnership with Disney and last, but certainly not least, the brand new pet line of shampoos. Come see all the exciting things scentsy has to offer!

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