Luxury skincare based on science with real results!

Bellame skincare – Ultra luxurious products packed with powerhouse, clinical grade ingredients. No harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates. All this delivered in packaging so gorgeous, you won’t want to hide these gems in your bathroom drawers.

Bellame makeup products contain the skincare in them! How amazing – is that?! Beauty and treatment in one!

By pairing omega fatty acid-rich Baobab Oil with High-Powered Hyaluronic Acid, a blast of moisture 50 times more powerful than standard hyaluronic acid, expect a superior level of hydration alongside thorough cleansing in our Acqua Lumiere Hydrating Cleanser.

After just 14 days of using the ACQUA LUMIERE Regimen:

100% – Of testers reported that their skin was more hydrated.

91% – Noticed an improvement in skin’s texture and firmness. They also reported skin significantly more luminous and noticed an improvement in softness & smoothness.

82% – Reported skin looked significantly tighter and lines and wrinkles appeared dramatically smoother and more youthful.

100% – Of foundation users, reported that their makeup was easier to apply as the system acted like a primer.

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