Magnetic customizable jewelry and more

Magnabilities Jewelry and More is magnetized, customized, personalized jewelry unique to you. Each piece adds a different flair to your wardrobe. We have bold and beautiful big pieces, dainty and tiny pieces, as well as in the middle range of those two. There are many options to choose to compliment the magnetic pieces, such as pendants to hold the magnetic inserts, keychains, bracelets, etc. These magnetic pieces can be customized by you with a favorite special memory, or you can choose a patented insert in our collections. The inserts come in three sizes, 1 inch (Classic), 1/2 inch (Mini) , and 1/4 inch (Petite).

  • Company:Magnabilities
  • Info:Life is about creating memories. Magnabilities captures those memories in special keepsakes uniquely designed to touch the hearts of those who receive them.
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