Make beautiful home decor and more with Chalk Couture

The Company Chalk Couture was founded for the purposes of revolutionizing the Hobbies and Crafts industry. This company was founded by Tara Roark after she got a deal on a large picture frame and decided to produce a magnetic chalkboard to present her photograph. Chalk Couture is a Chalk Transfer and Chalk Paste combination that you can use to simply create magical pieces of artwork . The Chalk Couture Transfer is a reusable adhesive silkscreen, which can be used on chalkboards, windows, glass, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, wood, painted furniture, fabric, and so much more. Chalk Couture is a small company in Utah started by a crafter. It all started in July 2017 and the company offers everything you need to create beautiful projects, start to finish. We sell surfaces, the paste, the tools to apply the paste and a wide variety of transfers to appeal to any style. This has opened up a whole new world of crafting!

  • Company:Chalk Couture
  • Info:I'm a veteran that enjoys making beautiful things and connecting with others. You can either purchase and create your own or you can commission me to make just the right piece for any occasion.
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