Natural Stress and Immune Support for Sleep, Weight, Skin, Anxious Feelings, Head Tension, in Addition to Digestive, Respiratory, and Brain Function Support

Discover effective, easy, affordable wellness that is safe for your family at any age. Address the root cause of your health problems! Manage your health with the natural chemical compounds found in plant based essential oils. Quality is the key issue. doTerra oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade – totally pure! Many companies use additives, not required to be disclosed on the label.

Oils are calming, uplifting to mood, energizing, soothing, and ALL without toxic chemicals that can harm our bodies and cause unimaginable side effects. My husband and kids turned their lives around and it was fun to watch… everything from a healthy inflammatory response to easing a stressful mind and anxious thinking. Getting back to basics was a blessing for us, even for our dogs.

My life was totally transformed by these natural solutions. I yearned for optimal health due to hormone and thyroid imbalances, which led to sleep disturbances. It was simple and quick. I help you easily target your wellness needs. Take control of your health with Linda Pountney MS and Mindful Self Health, offering free consults and education. You will receive a welcome gift bag full of samples, gifts, and goodies.

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  • Info:Natural Health Solutions with Mindful Self Health and Linda Pountney MS offers stress support for anxious feelings, uplifting mood, leveling hormones, sleep, and general wellness. Achieve optimal health for the whole family with essential oils that are safe, effective and affordable to support immunity, brain function, weight management, body system health, and emotional wellness.
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