Naturally based anti-aging hair products that combat specific hair issues like hair loss, damage, frizz, oil, dandruff, thinning/breakage and creates healthy, stronger, shinier, faster-growing hair.

Monat is an anti-aging hair care line, that promotes hair growth. Monat is Vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and is made with botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals.

Monat products are 4 times more concentrated than your average salon-quality products, giving you less water, and more product!

Sooo what's so special about this shampoo?

Believe me, I asked myself the same question!

I was at a loss with my hair and had tried EVERYTHING!

With Monat, we specifically match our shampoo and conditioner to YOUR hair wants and needs! -It's not a "one size fits all" method!

Oily scalp? I've got you!

Dandruff & itchy dry patches? I've got you!

Balding? Thinning? Postpartum hair loss?

Want stronger, shinier, faster-growing hair?

More volume? I've got all that and MORE covered!

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