Norwex – Chemical free cleaning with just a microfiber CLOTH AND WATER!

Clean 80% of your household with JUST A CLOTH AND WATER! Improve the quality of your life and make an impact on the world around you by radically reducing chemicals in your home, with Norwex products! Our premium microfiber and sustainable cleaning products make cleaning easier and make your home safer. Remove 99% of bacteria in your home with our EnviroCloth and other microfiber cloths. These cloths have BacLock, which is a micro silver antibacterial agent and clean themselves within 24 hours by rinsing and hanging them to dry! Other than these special cloths, Norwex has a variety of enzyme, chemical-free cleaning products, as well as many personal care products, such as lotions and hair products.

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  • Info:My name is Laura, and I am thrilled to be a part of a fantastic company that helps improve lives by radically reducing chemicals in homes. The ability to clean 80% of what is in my home with just a cloth and water is what hooked me!
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