Norwex – Today’s Healthier Safer Clean – Radically Reducing Chemicals in our Homes

Norwex Global Mission….Improving the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. Norwex 26 years experience has been helping to transform homes into safe havens by creating effective, safe and sustainable cleaning and personal care products that reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Our unique products empower you to stop using household cleaners and body products laden with harmful chemicals, and help you to eliminate single-use waste that threatens our environment.
Norwex harnesses the physical power of their microfiber and water alone to easily & thoroughly clean any surface removing up to 99% of bacteria when following proper care & use instructions. The microfiber contains an exclusive BacLock micro silver antibacterial agent embedded in each fiber to self-purify in 24 hours when wet, drastically reducing mold, fungi, & bacterial odor. All Norwex Microfiber products carry a two-year warranty. Norwex goals are to save you time, save you money, save your health & save our environment.

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