Organic CBD, Health, and Wellness with Ali

Green Compass CBD is natural, organic, and grown by 6th generation farmers in North Carolina! We are one of thirteen USDA Certified Organic Farms in the Country! We use third party testing for all our products and we use a small batch CO2 extractor to separate the vast array of beneficial compounds from the plant! Green Compass not only offers CBD Oil, but we also have skin care, bath bombs, hand sanitizer, lip balm, cbd roll on, pain patches, pain cream, we even make a tincture for pets!!

Did you know CBD can help with so many things?
-Supports recovery from pain and inflammation associated with physical activity and exercise
-Assists in the relief from daily stresses
-Helps in maintaining a sense of calm and focus
-Supports a healthy regulation of appetite
-Support for a healthy sleep cycle
-Assists the body in achieving overall homeostasis

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