MarLex Essentials provides amazing products to benefit the body, mind, and self-image

Welcome and thanks for visiting our store! We started MarLex Essentials in 2016 as artisan soap makers, and have since evolved into a company that sells and promotes several amazing products that – simply put – make you feel good. In addition to our own line of soaps and bath bombs, we also offer personalized gift boxes, Cherish all-natural sanitary products, the most awesome, softest leggings and shorts on the market, and our newest collection of educational toys and puzzles – we work exclusively with Wood Trick, as we've found the quality, support, service, and product selection to be far superior to the few other companies that offer similar products.

Our Mantra: We use what we sell. Period. We try out every single product we sell, and if we don't LOVE it, we don't sell it!

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