Pink Zebra Independent Consultant, OH

Pink Zebra Home Decor Ohio

Pink Zebra is the hottest trend in home fragrance, designing all its products to be customized into your own personal recipe. Pink Zebra is unique because of its scented soft soy based sprinkles that are made from Soybeans grown right here in the US. Our sprinkles are non toxic to humans and animals. Sprinkles can be warmed in simmer pots, simmer lights, or some warmers that you may already own. They can easily be melted to create wonderfully strong aromas, or put into sachet bags to freshen up closets, drawers, cars, and more. Our sprinkles burn cleaner and last longer than our competitors. All of our sprinkles are blendable, so you can create that perfect aroma in your home that your looking for. We offer tons of recipes for that perfect scent! You’ve smelled the rest, now smell the best!!!!

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