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Zyia Active Athletic & Leisurewear
CORE PRINCIPLES: Zyia represents building a COMMUNITY that UPLIFTS and shines a LIGHT on the accomplishments of others while promoting an ACTIVE lifestyle.
QUALITY : Zyia uses a 4-way stretch fabric for durability, compression, fit, form, and comfort.
FIT : There is no hem, seam, or style that hasn’t been strategically planned, placed, or thought out to ensure a flattering look.
UNIQUE: Zyia is a boutique style brand with one of a kind products. Once Zyia is out of a product, there is no guarantee that item will restock. This allows to make room for new styles to be introduced regularly.
STYLE: Zyia has styles for men, women, and children that can be worn for many different occasions…, the gym, date night, lounging at home, etc.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Zyia has a 30 day money back guarantee! If you don’t love your items and want to return them or if you need to exchange for sizes or different products you have 30 days to do so!

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