Royaltie Gem Marketing 101

How to Market Your Direct Sales Business:
Signup for Royaltie Proximity Marketing.
You receive a tiny wireless device called a Royaltie Gem.
You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast.
The Royaltie Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone.
It’s that easy! Imagine the possibilities!
Royaltie Gem Marketing 101

How awesome would it be to introduce your product, service or even a business opportunity to just about everyone around you without even talking to them?
This little piece of technology goes out and finds new and fresh leads offline no matter where I’m at…the store, the mall, a sporting event ~ doesn’t matter and on complete autopilot!
Don’t let customers keep passing you by!
Royaltie Gem Marketing 101

The Royaltie Gem provides:
– an automatic way to promote your business on every nearby Android phone;
– unlimited messaging included in the low monthly fee;
– a simple way to connect with people you would not have otherwise.
Royaltie Gem Marketing 101

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  • Info:Do you do Vendor Events? What if you could put your business ad on every Android Smartphone within 100 yards?
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