Ruby Ribbon provides real comfort, wire-free support, and shaping/slimming technology to women who are looking for an alternative to traditional bras and shapewear.

Ruby Ribbon is different because we deliver real results with comfort. Whether your bra size 32B or a 50KK, you will ❤love❤ our Bra Free CAMI. In fact, you won't EVER want to wear a bra again. EVER.
The Cami isn't TIGHT, it's just snug enough to give you a firm hug while holding in all of your bits and pieces. It's so comfy, ladies…I don't even know I'm wearing it and I certainly don't want to rip it off at the end of the day, like I did with my bra! It stays in place all day long, I look and feel better, it smooths my back fat, I have a nice lift up top AND, if that wasn't enough, I've lost 1-2" off my waist.
Friends and clients of all shapes and sizes (yes, ALL sizes) are completely IN LOVE with their cami's – so if you're thinking, "this won't work for me", think again.

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  • Info:Are you still wearing a bra? If I told you, you can get better lift, support and comfort without a bra would you be interested? Take the CAMI Challenge to see what Ruby Ribbon can do for you!
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