Safe Skin Care and Make-Up Products that Show Remarkable Results

I started with BeautyCounter as a customer during chemotherapy for breast cancer. I no longer wanted to expose my body to unsafe chemicals. As I sat getting an infusion, I scrolled FB and saw one of my friends was selling BeautyCounter. I decided to try a skincare cleanser out and not only found that it was safe for me, but my skin had never felt better. I started using more of the products and began to get compliments on my skin during a time a needed some positivity. A year later I am now a BeautyCounter Consultant and skincare and makeup addict. 😉
💫The mission of BeautyCounter is to get safer skincare and makeup products in the hands of everyone. Please reach out to me for samples. I plan to educate and advocate for safer makeup and skincare products in this group.

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