Scentsy by Nikki New – Ohio

Scentsy offers a safer alternative than traditional candles. No flame, no smoke, wickless, no spot and no lead just to name a few. The concept is carried out by purchasing a warmer which has either a warming element or a low wattage light bulb to heat up wax cubes, letting off the aromatic scents. Our wax never reaches a temperature greater than ones own body temperature, making it safe to have around pets and children.

Our wax is made from a food grade paraffin wax and all of our products are gluten free, non-toxic and animal cruelty free! We offer a whole line of products from wax to a body line, laundry line, clean line and numerous diffusers with 100% natures essential oils.

All warmers and diffusers come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Contact me today to order!! Let’s get waxy!

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