SeneGence: Anti-Aging Skincare and Long Wear Cosmetics

SeneGence was started in 1999 with its premier product, LipSense, and now has a complete line of long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skincare as well as accessories and boutique items. The skincare and many of the cosmetics are anti-aging; while the makeup is waterproof, sweat-proof, and budge proof! (LipSense/ShadowSense/BlushSense/EyeSense/HairCare/Men’s Line, etc…)

The founder, Joni Rogers-Kante and her staff are highly knowledgable and environmentally conscious, therefore, the products are uniquely formulated using naturally-reoccurring ingredients, refraining from animal testing and they omit external product packaging. Additionally, products are wax/gluten/lead free, made in compliance with FDA regulations, made in the USA, and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

How did Joni come up with the name SeneGence?
1.. “Senescence” means the process of aging.
2.. “Intelligence” means the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.
3.. Synergy is the working together of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects
SENEGENCE = long-lasting and anti-aging products that really work!

By offering superior products and an opportunity for women to be independent and successful in business, SeneGence empowers women around the world; regardless of age, background or education, and encourages every woman to *Live Life in Love and Abundance*. Their non-profit organization, the Make Sense Foundation, regularly raises and contributes funds for women and children in need also! I love that I am a part of such an amazing, uplifting and empowering company!

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