Sharing The Unknown Good. We’re on a mission to disrupt the wine industry so we can do better for you and better for our planet. Going beyond organic, our Clean-Crafted™ wine is always free from synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and sweeteners.

I’ve since tried several of Scout & Cellar’s wines – and not only have they all tasted amazing, I wake up headache-free. And as a mom to twin nine year olds, that’s often up before the sun rises, this is a major perk! I loved the wines so much, I decided to become an independent consultant with Scout & Cellar, and I love the role so far!

So, what makes their wines different from conventional ones? Well, mass-produced wines are often riddled with pesticides, chemicals, and extra sugars. Ughhh. Unfortunately, it’s kind of a supply and demand situation. Think about your own favorite wine. Every time you pop open a bottle, you expect it to taste the same, right? The truth is, wines are supposed to vary in flavor, even if two bottles are the exact same brand, year and blend. To keep up with our unrealistic expectation that wines should taste the same (while still keeping costs low), conventional winemakers have unfortunately resorted to some not-so-desirable means, such as including potentially harmful chemicals and additives like ferrocyanide, ammonium phosphate, synthetic pesticides, and mega purple (a super-concentrated grape juice). Sugars and sweetener concentrates are also added to preserve the taste. In fact, the average bottle of wine can contain up to 16 (!!) grams of sugar (that’s about the same as a large donut). I love a sweet treat as much as the next person, but I definitely don’t expect one from my wine!

I’m so thrilled to be able to introduce Scout & Cellar to all my fellow winos out there that are looking for natural, organic wines that taste as excellently as they were crafted at an affordable price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve paid $12+ for a glass of wine, only to later found out that the whole bottle cost $16! Plus, the holidays are right around the corner with all sorts of parties, family get togethers, and celebrations. If you’re hosting, you can’t beat the convenience of having wine delivered right to your door (one less errand to run, right?), and if you’re a guest, what better gift to give your host then the gift of clean-crafted wine? Have a large customer base you need easy Christmas gifts for? We've got you covered with festive gift sets, delivered directly to their door!

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  • Info:Scout & Cellar isn’t an individual winery or vineyard – it’s so much more. Its sommeliers’ source their wine from the top growing regions across the world, focusing on boutique vineyards that have met very strict criteria and even independently lab test them. The result? Naturally grown, high-quality wines that you can feel great about drinking yourself and sharing with family and friends!
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