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Did you know that there are over 1500 ingredients that are unsafe for you to use on your skin? Did you know that the United States only bans 11 of those ingredients? One of the primary ingredients that’s harmful for you is fragrance, if you go and check your bathroom and cosmetics you’ll probably find it in almost every single product you have there! Want to use safer products that ban those 1500 ingredients? Let’s talk.

My name is Kelli Kardell and I’m a consultant and beauty advocate for Beautycounter, a company advocating better beauty practices as well as offering better beauty products. We ban 1500+ ingredients that are unsafe for you either because they’re a known allergen, can cause cancer, or cause skin reactions due to sensitivity factors. We offer makeup, skin care for men and women, and even bath and body lines for your kids! I have been diagnosed with a skin condition called Darier’s Disease, the disease causes my skin to break out in a red rash due to sun exposure, friction, heat, & even my diet can effect it. I had a rash on my face for over a year with no improvement from any prescription I used, enter Beautycounter. I tried our No. 3 facial oil over night and immediately saw an improvement to the redness. 6 months later our Countertime line launched and this regimen changed my life, within a month my face cleared up. I’ve been using this regimen since August and my face remains clear.

If you’re looking for a better beauty option with safer ingredients, I’d love to talk with you further. If you love the sound of this and want to join our movement, I’d love to discuss the possibility of you starting this as your own business!

Better beauty options are possible, let’s talk about making the switch today!

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