Sprinkle me Pink with Tammy Sickrey Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

Pink Zebra is known for our Sprinkles that are blended with high quality fragrance oils at super concentrated levels to deliver 50% more fragrance. They smell stronger, last longer, and cost less. They are versatile & can easily be blended together to make your own unique recipe without the mess of cutting up bars. Our Simmer Pots use a heating plate to heat our wax and our Simmering Lights use a bulb that illuminates the warmer! Add a decorative Accent Shade to your warmer for an added decorative element!! Our newest line Supa’ Clean offers amazing hand soaps, hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays. All designed to be pH balanced with the skin so that means no drying out your hands!! I can’t wait to share with you all Pink Zebra has to offer!!

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