Stella & Dot Accessories, Clothing and skincare!

Stella & Dot is an award winning accessories and skin care line company!! There is something for everyone, with half the line priced at $60 or less (CAD). With the help of your stylist (ME!!) I can help you find that perfect necklace, earrings, bag or top to help give you that extra bounce in your step. We also have the sister brand EVER, which is an AMAZING skin care line. So even if you do not want that sparkle, I can help your skin sparkle!! This company obsesses over every detail, creating custom facets for each stone, beading by hand, and fabricating unique metal components you won't find anywhere else.Every woman deserves some sparkle in their life! Especially now. Every purchase supports an independent woman in business, her local community, and Stella & Dot's greater goal to create flexible income for women around the world. That's fashion you can feel good about.

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