Take control of your gut health and balance your blood sugar.

Slim is a once-a-day packet (similar to Crystal Lite) that you mix with 8-10oz of water and drink 30 minutes before breakfast. It tastes like koolaid and a refreshing summer drink. Slim regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, & lipids/triglycerides while also burning fat (starting with the more dangerous, visceral fat underneath the muscle layer and then to the more visible, subcutaneous fat, or the flabby stuff). Gives super, non-jittery, natural energy and kicks chronic fatigue to the curb. Helps promote better sleep. This is a wonderful supplement for diabetics, and is also gluten-free. Slim is the “core” Plexus product. If you are a late afternoon or late night snacker, consider drinking your Slim 1 hour before lunch!

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