Taking home decor to the next level with chalk, ink, stencils, and your imagination!

Magnolia Design Co is a fast-growing company with an amazing product line of beautiful designs to express yourself in your home and life. We have a distinct business opportunity to earn income while creating beautiful DIY decor, with the option to be completely free of quotas. We have a unique style of creating that includes chalk, ink, and multiple types of surfaces. Whether you choose to be a designer, embarking on your business endeavors; or, remain a customer who wants to create gifts for family and friends or put your personal decorating touch to your home, with Magnolia Design Co you have an exceptional opportunity to develop or rekindle your love of crafting, giving you the flexibility to create to your heart's desire. There are no limits to what one can create with the few simple and affordable tools that Magnolia Design Company offers.

  • Company:Magnolia Design Co
  • Info:I am a crafter first and an entrepreneur second. Through Magnolia Design Co I have been afforded the opportunity to create beautiful designs for my home, family, and friends while making money as well.
  • Website: http://tammymolton.magnoliadesignco.com
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