The Happy Co Our beverages and supplements are natural products that that help you be happy, energized, focused and assist with weight management.


We believe everyone deserves to be happy.
“Feeling good and feeling grateful even when things aren’t perfect” happy. “Fun, silly, wild, I can’t believe THIS is happening, spontaneous, laugh-out-loud” happy. “Peaceful, quiet, content, cuddling with the dog, staring at your child sleeping” happy. “Traveling, cooking, hiking, dancing, skiing, squeezing every drop out of life” happy.
You know, the REAL kinds of happy.

And we add to this happiness … every day…with the products we take. Our spark. Our edge. Our juice. A cup and a cap. Coffee. Hot tea. Iced tea. Lemonade. Hot chocolate. Even “wine.” All happy. And energizing. And slimming. And awesome. Access granted. Power on. Productivity, passion, and creativity unleashed. Locked in at the highest level. For hours and hours and hours and hours and…

Experiencing all that life has to offer. Head on. Heart out. Smiling.

Sound good so far? Wait until you try a D.O.S.E. Duo!

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  • Info:What's in you cup this Morning Happiness every day with the products we take Our edge A cup and a cap Coffee Hot tea Iced tea Lemonade Hot chocolate Even “wine” All happy And energizing And slimming And awesome Access granted Power on Productivity, passion, and creativity unleashed.
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